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100% Predator Urine - PredatorPee
we put the "P" in Pet Training
n the animal kingdom, urine is the original "wireless" communication network. It warns of danger, helps animals locate a mate and marks an animal's territory. Now it can help you to train your dog or cat to "go" where you want it to go! No, more messy yards or burnt, urine stained lawns!
Don' Know Which Pee To Use?
New! Pee Sampler

BobcatPee -

PredatorPee for Dog Training

All 5 Trial-Size Urines for $10.99

PredatorPee for Cat Training

Fox Urine: For Small Dogs & Pups
Coyote Urine: For Medium-size Breeds
Wolf Urine: For Giant Breeds

Available in 12, 36 & 144 ounces and
2 lb. Outdoor Litter
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Predatorpee works by stimulating an instinctive reaction in an animal. Because predicting those reactions, particularly with problem pets, is not always and exact science, sometimes people find one urine works better than another with their animal. In order to match your animal with the right urine, we have put together a Sampler of 1.25 oz bottles of all 5 PredatorPee flavors for just $10.99. This way you can test the reaction to each scent and choose the one that works best!
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Bobcat Urine: For Kittens
Mt. Lion: For Adult Cats & Tom Cats
Available in 12, 36 & 144 ounces and
2 lb. Outdoor Litter

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