Ole Time Woodsman Fly Dope
Insect Repellent, Mosquito, Black Fly Repellent, DeerFly Strips and Authentic Rolled Wool Crusher Hats

America's First Mosquito & Black Fly Repellent

America's First Commercial Insect Repellent

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While fishing in Maine in 1910, Obie Sherer and his his fishing buddy, Dr. Donald Adams decided they needed to come up with something to make spring fishing in the Maine wilderness a little more enjoyable. Working from an old 1882 recipe, they mixed up a batch of Fly Dope. On their next trip to Maine, a logging crew spotted Obie fishing peacefully. Obie told the foreman all about his Fly Dope and agreed to make a batch for the company. When the first batch was used up, the woods crews clamored for more. As a result, Obie decided to go into business and named his new product "Ole Time Woodsman" in honor of his first customers.
Since then, generations of outdoors folk have continued to rely on
Ole Time Woodsman to make their wilderness experience more comfortable, peaceful and memorable.

Ole Time Woodsman
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America's First Commercial Insect Repellent
Established 1882

"I am writing a request for Old Woodsman….my husband is out and can’t find it anywhere!   He won't use any other product because “they don’t smell like old woodsman”  I swear he would wear it for after shave if allowed!" 
L. McLaughlin, Searsmont, Maine

Been wanting to get some Woodmens Fly Dope since I first used it 30 years ago. Is it possible to order a bottle & get it sent out right away---heading for Canada in 10 days.

I first used Ole Time Woodsman in 1970, and then went 31 years without it. But when I found some at a fly shop in Greenville, Maine, and I gave it a whiff, and it brought back all kinds of memories from those days, I knew it was the real deal. Now I keep a supply handy at all times, and have learned up the next generation to do the same. It's not just bug dope, it's an institution.
  Wil Merck
Essex Timber Company, LLC
Ipswich, Mass.

Hi Guys;
I gotta talk to my husband into letting me order from you folks.  Years ago when my folks took the four of us heathens into the Maine woods to do some camping (1960 or was it 1959) there was three ways to go, cursing the bug, a product called 6/12 or old time woodsman's fly dope.  Personally, I took up with the old time woodsman's!  My sister thought I was a might "tetched," but a few years later, I am still a camper, and a guy that wears old-time woodsman is in trouble...I will follow him anywhere...did I mention I've been married for 28 years?  Oh well, on this last little adventure my husband (a Springfield Massachusetts City boy) I said what I would do for a smell of that wonderful elixir of bugs and rut, and he said it was long gone!  I should have put something good up to prove him wrong!  I am delighted that you are still viable, and crusher hats as well...so my youth was not a waste after all...did I mention we have two kids, or they came along the way!  So, passion of my girlhood, it is glad to see you are alive and well...did I mention the kids have moved out and are onto lives of there own?  Well, I might just order a few bottles and see what happens...in case I am not here, I will be enjoying the smell of my childhood, Maine woods, black flies, misquotes, and yes, Old time woodsman's fly dope...
Donna, a Monson Massachusetts (now Princeton Massachusetts) country girl...only at heart!

Ole Time Woodsman

Felt Wool
Crusher Hat
This is the original Maine Hunting Hat. Great in all weather and "crushes" up to fit in your pocket. Still made in theUSA!
Available in Medium, Large or XL in Hunter Green, Traditional Red, Blaze Orange and NEW Midnight Black
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I’m just writing to say how excited I am to get a fresh bottle of Ole Woodsman.  I am a Mainer who grew up  in Northern Maine with the stuff but never paid attention to the name on the bottle,. I just knew what worked! But, over time I didn’t see it on the shelf anymore and it passed into the back of my mind.  A few years back I was purchasing a can of a competitors bug dope when I spotted Ole Woodsman on the rack next to some fishing gear. I was so excited to see the stuff, I instantly ripped open the package an sniffed the bottle.  Through the plastic came the distinctive smell that has made ole Woodsman the best bug dope if the ever was one.  The stuff smells so good I practically want to have a sip( I’m sure its not recommended).  I fish in the willy-wag swamps and alder choked brooks and streams of Maine where few venture due to the black flies, but with a little of Ole Woodsman, one can fish without any difficulty from the bugs at all.  It’s great to see it for sale again. It is the best bug dope for a reason.
T. Sheehan,Ellsworth, Maine

New England Blackflies & Mosquitos:
These are not your normal backyard pests,
these are bloodsucking machines that can home in on you in swarms hundreds at a time. If you are not from around here, these bugs can be a real surprise. At certain time blackflies can be so thick they'll blacken the sun and crawl into your eyes, ears, nose and mouth
...not to mention any other area of exposed skin. They are pretty small, but when they bite, they take a chunk of you with them. If that's not bad enough, then come the the mosquitos! Big, loud, ornery & hungry, they are at their worst at dusk and can make a grown man cry